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Handmade Christmas Paper cones

Paper cones, also known as flower ball, because it is often used to hang in a room as a decoration, and even some relatively good effect hollow paper ball bulb flowers can be added directly to the elements of the class, it will also be referred to as paper ball fancy lanterns. In terms of the basic production method is very familiar with modular origami way. The biggest advantage of this approach is quite easy to operate, such as some beautiful roses also used this origami folding, the whole operation becomes more simple and easy to use, and also liked by everyone. Here this unique flower making paper ball tutorial is a related paper ball and Christmas flower production.

The reason why this paper cones with names like poinsettia, the main reason is because of the time of its production, the use of green and red are the colors on both sides of the paper and the material brand of yama ribbon. This is the ultimate combination of two colors out of paper cones full advantage of the Christmas style two key elements. Of course, the final presentation of the results is also very good, but unfortunately some poor light transmission can only be used as an ordinary decorative lanterns, this in itself is not able to function as both lighting lanterns. However, this is characteristic of paper cones, simple combination out of simple effects.
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 Handmade Craft      ribbon cones


Jesus cross fold origami

Memorial Christmas not only need to have a variety of styles and small decorative christmas ribbon, origami at this time can also play excellent decorative effect, here in particular recommend this funny Christmas Origami cross of Christ. While there are some myths colors, but now the origami crosses more decorative effect already, because it itself is folded out, you have an excellent decorative effect, it can be hoisted into the trees above or pasted into scrapbook, or christmas card above, so unique and interesting origami crosses produced out of more than ordinary origami cross of Christ has a rich sense.
Cross of Christ this Christmas origami mainly taken the mosaic method, or some similar Origami Christmas Tree Tutorial: Christmas tree made ​​origami tutorial making, just slightly more complicated, not by means of a combination of origami models and any glue. Moreover, this origami cross looks like some complicated in structure, but on the basis of the crease in front, behind origami has become very easy, basically only some plastic origami related operations.

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Handmade Valentine's Day greeting card

Here to recommend this Valentine's Day greeting card is a simple and elegant handmade three-dimensional cards. And the classic method of making three-dimensional card is the same, based on the template through the cut, you can form a better three-dimensional framework, in this three-dimensional framework based on the three-dimensional structure to be adjusted to show order produce three-dimensional effect of the card, and keep simple but elegant style. And you can get the material from yama ribbon.

The 3D Valentines Day handmade greeting cards show intermediate form of a three-dimensional piano, too, by the way first stencil pattern engraved into the jam above, then cut later, keeping the edge and key structural joints, then the corresponding joints folding process, while the outline of the structure of the piano itself can be folded at to produce a complete piano styles. Finally, after simple processing after the formation of such a beautiful piano stereo Valentines Day greeting card. Finally a simple greeting card processing allows the piano in the piano look more with a sense of life and vitality.

Such three-dimensional greeting cards making tutorial in fact we should be more familiar with, and before Christmas, when we also shared a lot of similar card making, many Christmas cards are based on the same production methods and to complete the production , the presentation of the Christmas cards are also very beautiful.

I would like to enter this card into some challenges 


Woven Bags You Should Known

Do you remember Shuzhen mother? That like weaving, saw her daughter said to give a computer a computer weaving clothes cute mom. In fact, like wool knit Like motherhood is a very friendly, but also very "spirit of cooperation" of a single product, we can use it to integrate a lot of soft elements. Bought a long chiffon dress, like early debut of shorts and colored stockings, feminine A-line dress, and even the IPAD "jacket" ...... are available in woven partner with the assistance of amazing shape, and this summer, wool weaving Fan children, to go from. Xiao Bian today would strongly recommend to you three models wild weapon - hand-woven bags, woven control if you are, then you must not miss.
Knitting IPAD bag, this sounds like enough special preference Fan art for you, if you give the IPAD to "wear" on such a love of the "shirt", in his hand must be very eye-catching, full of art Fan! And if you finished the steps and you can use some grosgrain ribbons to dress it up.
Intimate large opening zipper, a pull in the end, the key moment is not stuck, more importantly, also inside the bag tightly stitch sewn on cotton liner, thick and warm knitted texture, so holding IPAD hands soft and warm hugs more firmly does not slip, soft shock.
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Simple 3D cartoon christmas card

This simple cartoon Christmas card in the design process, using a three-dimensional card design in the most basic principles of the V-shaped three-dimensional folding. Because Christmas cards are usually folded up, and then by opening the fold so that the design of the main card in the form of three-dimensional unfolded. And this Christmas card in the design when using the most basic design principles, so it really made ​​it is relatively easy. After all, you should understand the principles of which, you will be able to recognize the purpose of making every step and every element of the reasons to do processing, making it naturally without any pressure. Try it now Canon this Christmas three-dimensional greeting card.
 Combined with Canon's unique Christmas card designs and beautiful decorating ribbons, can easily be printed and cut down, and then the production and processing of Christmas cards, so you hate the kind of headache you make up three-dimensional Christmas cards by hand, it is entirely possible trial try this three-dimensional christmas cards tutorial will give you the simple production of a pleasant experience. And if you want get more DIY tutorial you can follow some useful DIY website such as here:

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The Bearded Santa Claus Origami

The bearded Santa Claus origami biggest feature is its bearded production, still very characteristic . At least compared to other origami tutorials more figurative Santa Claus some, but made ​​out of origami drawback is that Santa Claus is just an upper body oh. And this Santa Claus origami tutorial was designed by Nicolas Terry, but today you see this hand-painted drawings bearded Santa Claus origami creators are equally Nicolas Terry, the finished renderings but also by Nicolas Terry made ​​of. Tutorial itself can only be for personal use, is not able to commercialization , so that this origami tutorial to learn when the need for attention. 

This fun origami origami Santa Claus beard and traditional way of making origami made ​​the same way , in this specific origami illustration, the red line represents the peak marks, while the green line represents the valley marks. As shown itself uses origami origami tutorial hand manner , so in the course of a little specific reference may be some difficulty, but this in itself will make a good Santa Claus origami lies behind shaping operations for paper . If you make a good shot and it became a physical map tutorial , you can also contact and Paper Network( If you need DIY material for this tutorial , you can also contact yama ribbon & bows) , we will make you pay a certain kind drawing tutorials reward, while origami tutorial you can also help to more origami enthusiasts . Origami tutorial in the top of each page we will then recommend a Santa Claus making origami tutorial to help you better choose your favorite Santa origami tutorials, most of them are physical map of the shooting tutorial.


Christmas balls are easy to make with decorating ribbon

Christmas balls often appear in the Christmas tree, decorated with Christmas trees, when we, if we can put up a few very beautiful Christmas balls, Christmas trees can make immediately become "brilliant, shining up". But Christmas balls on the Christmas tree may just patents Oh, Christmas balls can also be applied to the same Christmas card to the top. This simple Christmas card is the use of three-dimensional Christmas tree ball hanging on a Christmas modeled made ​​out. Since Christmas ball itself is circular in configuration, so you can make three-dimensional greeting cards made ​​out of Christmas looks very full and attractive, so funny Christmas card making tutorial you'll like it and the DIY material is so easy to can buy some decorating ribbon from yama ribbon & bows or other craft store.
And many other three-dimensional greeting cards produced by the same token, three-dimensional greeting cards christmas balls making itself very simple. We need to do this Christmas balls greeting card template download, choose your favorite color of paper to complete the pattern printing, and then follow the final completion of the illustration needs tailoring and hollow parts of the corresponding cut hollow handle on it. Then and then paste it into a cardboard top, making this a very beautiful but simple Christmas card production is complete, because we used a hollow handle, so when you open it Christmas cards, Christmas balls will be directly as grilles, like hanging in there, so full of christmas fun christmas greeting card absolutely not to be missed.


Printable Reindeer Christmas Card

Complex stunning 3D stereoscopic handmade Christmas card, Christmas card tutorials even though it can make people feel the joy of making handmade Christmas cards, but there are times when we might not have the luxury of time to complete a complicated Christmas card production, or is not limited to materials at hand to meet the complex production of christmas cards. This time you need to have can be used directly printed Christmas card template. Christmas cards and there are many times the role itself is not intended as a Christmas gift giving, but rather used as Christmas gifts above a small "plate", we will indicate that we need some simple greetings and Christmas gifts small instructions may be written above. This time you do not need too complicated Christmas greeting card,what you need is just buy some cheap ribbon from Yama Ribbon or other craft store and search a DIY tutorial online.

As Christmas reindeer in Santa's role has always been second only to Christmas at an indispensable role. For the past many reindeer on Christmas cards are more of a cartoon image of some, this is designed to make the whole feeling of Christmas to be more relaxed and enjoyable. But today this printable reindeer Christmas card designs on the more complex, so it is more realistic effect good. The unique clip in effect against the background, this looks like a reindeer on Christmas cards filled with the spirit and vitality of this unique design makes it hard not to love this Christmas reindeer and goodwill generated, while in the background, set off a snowflake pattern even more the entire production is very charming.

I am entering this in to the following challenges:-


Christmas Paper Gift Box

Christmas will naturally prepare a lot of nice little gift, or make a Christmas dessert dinner with their friends, but ready for Christmas is to make a good gift or a Christmas dessert all need to make a simple packaging. This will make this Christmas does not seem so shabby and boring. But what kind of Christmas wrapping good comparison to compare the proposed method is still using paper art methods to produce a small gift for Christmas, so the production has a very big advantage, namely making simple, but also environmentally friendly, and as long as you make enough fine, everyone on your Christmas gift and attractive, there may even after Christmas they will treasure it yet.
1. First you need to print it out template, so modeling and other Christmas related tutorial is similar, you need to first print out the template, or you can through their own hand drawn, in fact, many of my friends try to direct started to do, the final effect is the feeling is good.

2.And then we need to prepare some simple tools and paper art materials, stellate structure model suggested final presentation style is a side is red, the other side is white. Then also need scissors, if you can, then you can prepare a christmas ribbon, pencils and so on.

3.If you use a print out the initial template to, and on the basis of the template will be specifically tailored to be used when making a paper jam, which operate as shown, the first star structure to cover the color template cardboard top, and then start to crop, this will get as shown in a star-shaped structure.
4.The periphery of the star structure triangular structure for folding up sequentially, as shown for the folding operation. Note that as the folded edge to the edge of the intermediate circular configuration, i.e. as shown in Figure styles.
5.After completely folded up, we get a similar crown folded structure. This time you can use an ordinary ribbon or rope wrapped around them, which will be firmly tied its solid operation. Such a basic structure on the production of Christmas gift box complete.
6.If you need it, then it can make some simple decorations. Even in this small gift boxes placed inside nothing, in fact, able to achieve excellent decorative effect, so in the end how to model this small gift is processed, it is entirely in your own strategy.    
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Origami Roses is So Beautiful

In the past may have a lot of origami roses graphic tutorial step, there are always so many lovers of origami roses made ​​confused steps. But now by learning origami roses made ​​clear tutorial, you can stop at any step of careful research and study, but also for the past origami diagrams a good tutorial supplement, has a very good teaching effect.
Here to share this four origami roses traditional four Kawasaki roses still has a significant different. We can see here in this four origami roses in the middle part of the use of the rotating configuration, while in the four directions of the petals partly re-made ​​bold design, making origami roses more than a enchanting and charming.
Origami roses though not when the Mid-Autumn festival of flowers, but if with the Mid-Autumn Festival lanterns from the production on a match, the overall effect is certainly very interesting. There is a new shared use origami lanterns unique guide, we can be a simple yet ingenious origami, and after a simple combination, you can use satin ribbon to wrap the origami rose and i used to buy these ribbons from yama ribbon.
Make out a configuration looks very unique Mid-Autumn Festival lanterns friends, while this origami roses and this happens to be a good mix of lanterns. 
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Sewing making Christmas card

Now many people are tired of buying commercial use Christmas cards to write our own blessing, because that is not only easy to "Zhuangshan" We also looked not very adequate, mainly giving the impression that not enough thought. So this time he personally DIY production Christmas card becomes "priceless" .

Today, this little handmade Christmas cards  tutorial may give you some help. It as a handmade Christmas cards made ​​up the biggest feature is very simple, but also requires some special props, less if you usually make some handmade, it is likely to be difficult to find the right tool for you to complete the simple christmas greeting cards.
  1. First, prepare some basic materials. These materials are mainly produced Christmas cards must be some white cardboard, cardboard or other colors can also be, according to the different jams, and ultimately produced Christmas cards will have a relatively large difference. And then we need to be prepared with colored paper or buy some christmas ribbons from a craft store such as yama ribbon & bows.
  2. And then use scissors to cut into colorful cardboard shapes and styles you like. General shape and style of an isosceles triangle, such a configuration in the Christmas cards are often used to create the structure of a small flag will make the whole Christmas card becomes specially designed to meet the current atmosphere of Christmas.
  3. The next step needs to operate with the sewing machine, so if you do not sewing machine, it may eventually produced the effect will be greatly reduced, oh. However, using the sewing machine to make this origami Christmas card tutorial easier again.
  4. This simple little tutorial only describes the simple production method, in fact, through this way you can be free to conduct their own play, because this is the only way to sewing, as well as a variety of angles and lines can try.      


Simple Christmas tree Christmas card

Christmas cards are always at Christmas comes expressing wishes the best way that you can not prepare Christmas gifts that you can not please everyone eat a big meal, but if you do not have Christmas cards that are justified in so Paper network is particularly large collection of Christmas cards making tutorial, so that more hope to accomplish personally handmade DIY Christmas greeting friends are making their own Christmas cards to, and then write his most wonderful blessing, which will convey such a blessing to they care about each person's heart. The elements of Christmas cards, Christmas trees will often be selected as the primary shaping element, it is because the Christmas tree in the shape of a relatively simple, but ultimately the effect is also very consistent Christmas needs.
Compared to the relatively complex three-dimensional Christmas cards, a simple 3D Christmas cards can be printed on more loved by the people. Because of this Christmas card made ​​up and not spend what time, but it can quickly achieve results. The aid of the printer can easily complete a Christmas card production. The Christmas tree produced by Canon Christmas card tutorial is such a truly "thoughtful" people of the tutorial, making it very simple, basically there is no difficulty, only thing you need to do is buy some cheap ribbon from yama ribbon online store or other craft store, and then follow the tutorial for production can be, the process of making christmas cards all with color in the form presented, making it even more convenient .

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Grosgrain Ribbon

Grosgrain Ribbon

Christmas Ribbon

Christmas Ribbon

Halloween Ribbon

Halloween Ribbon