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Easy and quick ribbon bow tutorial

Hi,everyone!  I am gonna to share a quick and easy tutorial for creating this stunning bow using ribbon that from!

What you need:

  1. Ombre Ribbon
  2. Double-Faced White Satin Ribbon
  3. some twine
  4. scissor


1.  The first step is Cut the Ombre Ribbon in three strips to 7", 9", and 12".  Cut your satin ribbon to 9".  For the twine you will need a 10" piece.  This is covered up so you will not see it with the finished bow.
 2.  With your 7" ribbon, fold the piece in half (long ways) and trim the end at an angle.
 3.  Your end should look like this now.
 4.  Repeat with the other side.  Your finished piece should be similar to this.  This will be the bow base.  Set aside for now.
 5.  Take your 12" Ombre Ribbon and fold to mark the center.  Place adhesive in the center on the under side.  Bring one side of the ribbon over and adhere, forming a loop at one end. Apply more adhesive to the center and bring the other side of the ribbon over to form the second loop.  Your ribbon should look like this now.
 6.  Grab your twine and tie a knot around the center of your bow.
 7.  Repeat Step #5 for the 9" ribbon.
 8.  Turn your bow over and bring the twine tails up.  Place your smaller bow in the center of the larger and tie a knot to hold it in place.
 9.  Flip your bows over and grab your base piece.  Bring the twine tails out to the side.
10. Tie a knot around the base piece, centering.  Trim your twine tails.
11.  Turn your bow back over and fluff out the loops.
12.  Tie a bow around the center with your satin ribbon.

That's all i want to share, It's so easy, Right? if you want have any ideas, just contact us!


One direction longbow for father's day

So, my dearest wife and beautiful children got me a Gift and is a One direction longbow which wasi made of holiday ribbon for Father's day. A few of you might know that up until now I have been shooting pvc bows, and more recently a hickory self bow from Ringing Rocks Archery (unfinished, you finish it yourself) that I nickname "The Repetitive Stress Injury Bow" due to the insane amount of hand shock it delivers.

So, anyway, I have never fired a modern bow, and I was totally unprepared for the power this thing possesses. Compared to my previous "bows", arrows fly like they are fired out of a gun. I did some tuning and got the arrows hitting the bale almost dead straight on and they bury themselves almost to the feathers. Awesome...

But to the purpose of my post. The bow came with a little square of what looks like adhesive backed calf hair and a little cardboard template thingy. I'm assuming you cut the calf hair out in the shape of the cardboard and stick it on. My uncertainty lies in that the bow has a very sculpted shelf; many curves- not like a lot of bows where the shelf meets the side plate at a near 90 degree angle. I'm not sure exactly how to apply it, or even if I should bother?


Awesome 2014 Christmas Card Designs

Christmas CARDS, if you want to attract everyone's attention, immediately so elegant design is definitely necessary. Printable greeting card is a key point to embody the theme festivals related to precision design, when Christmas comes, for example, some Christmas pattern must be key topics. Particularly recommended here this Christmas CARDS is a this principle to the limit of a unique card design and production. We can see from the design, the whole design major is a style of Christmas tree. Just this Christmas tree pattern is completely different, and the traditional Christmas tree design also blended in some of my personality.

 You can notice the Christmas tree at the time of rendering using way is the presentation of line, but the line is not ordinary drawn, but adopted a fairly simple one stroke by rule of law. Overall design style is quite interesting. In fact, It's widely used in christmas items such as christmas ribbon.After all, a relatively simple strokes, is primarily a children's entertainment, so didn't at the time of pattern design to attract the attention of people much more special. But here woven into the design of the Christmas card design is fairly clever, coupled with the application of a variety of colors on the Christmas tree pattern design, more make this Christmas card to become more beautiful and has a sense of design. So it is worth a try.

By convention, before you download this beautiful Christmas card, also want to recommend a other is also very beautiful printed Christmas card. Emphasis particularly recommended here is a brief strokes design line is similar to a Christmas tree Christmas card. The highlight of the Christmas card is adopted in design background decoration is a wave shape. Wave point advantage design proved to be more simple, but the effect of the present is very good, makes this Christmas CARDS have more fashion sense. if you buy cheap diy materials(such as ribbons), i think wholesale ribbon from Yama will be your best choice! Of course, if you want buy diy materials in bulk, you can get it here:

Grosgrain Ribbon

Grosgrain Ribbon

Christmas Ribbon

Christmas Ribbon

Halloween Ribbon

Halloween Ribbon