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Ribbons For My Greeting Cards Project

Use ribbon in handmade card project is becoming more and more popular, there are many types of ribbon i usually used in DIY card project,here are the details:
Grosgrain ribbon:

Grosgrain ribbon is usually used for card creating comes. material ribbon is one in all the a lot of significant ribbons and is often made up of silk. It will be purchased in an exceedingly large form of colours. material ribbon incorporates a ribbed look thereto and is daring and typically consists of 1 solid color.

Satin ribbon

Satin ribbon is formed of a swish silklike material either silk or fabric. it's a shiny look and is typically uninteresting on the rear. material ribbon is nice for your card creating comes and scrap booking due to its shine. it's additionally normally used for wrap. this sort of ribbon comes in an exceedingly form of colours and sizes to suit any project you're making.
Velvet ribbon is maybe one in all the tougher ribbons to figure with once card creating. This ribbon is lush and adds barely of magnificence to any card. Velvet ribbon is soft and could be a densely heaped cloth with an obvious back. Velvet ribbon is additionally out there in many various colours and sizes.

Organza ribbon

Organza ribbon is turning into more and more fashionable card manufacturers. It will be purchased in each color you'll imagine and each size doable. it's light-weight and incorporates a sheer crisp look. fabric ribbon is very fashionable for wedding cards.

Organza ribbon will be each plain and fancy. it's very versatile and appears gorgeous once created into an enormous bow for the front of a card.

Gingham ribbon

Gingham ribbon is one in all my personal favorites. it's a medium weight, taffeta weave ribbon that incorporates a check or material pattern. The checks in fabric ribbon area unit equal in breadth so that they jibe very little squares. fabric ribbon has been around for years and is often a preferred selection.

When mistreatment ribbon on acknowledgment cards it's vital to use the proper adhesives. Some ribbons area unit clear and there's nothing worse than seeing glue or a large sticky dot wherever the ribbon has been placed.

If you're adding a bow attempt to incorporate one thing which will compliment the bow and at an equivalent time fasten the bow to your creation.  I notice brads work dead for this.

Using ribbon on greeting cards could be a very neat means of finishing off a card, particularly once you feel there's one thing missing or your card wants that tiny one thing additional.




Grosgrain Ribbon

Grosgrain Ribbon

Christmas Ribbon

Christmas Ribbon

Halloween Ribbon

Halloween Ribbon